16 October 2015

05 October 2015

Εργαστήριο Πλεξίματος 2015-2016!

Για ακόμα μία χρονιά θα είμαστε εκεί, πιστοί στο ραντεβού μας με τους λάτρεις της τέχνης του πλεξίματος, αρχάριους και προχωρημένους!

08 May 2015

Pixies and Fairies: Pixies sew and fairies knit...

Pixies and Fairies: Pixies sew and fairies knit...: Our new web site is here, ready to welcome you in our fairy world. There you can find everything about us, our story, our knitted creations...

11 March 2015

Pixies and Fairies: Spring Cleaning!

Pixies and Fairies: Spring Cleaning!: A special offer for all our Etsy fans! We need space for ouyr new Spring/ Summer collection, so this spring we offer free shipping for all...